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SkyWire Video and Home Health

SkyWire Video's Remote Channels and Distributed Architecture are a natural for use in Home Health Applications.

SkyWire Video Clients, running as

can securely return patient information captured through Serial ports or rs485 ports as well as Video and Audio.

A SkyWire Video Remote Channel can:

  • Capture Video
  • Capture Audio
  • Capture other Data from Serial or RS485 Ports
  • Capture and display GPS Location Information for mobile Home Health Workers

Option:Support Voip via H323 on PocketPC, Windows or Linux to actually make phone calls using ASTA's Voip Technology.

SkyWire Video Remote Channels can then :

  • Encode Video (MPEG4 or H263)
  • Encode Audio (several Codecs available)
  • Encryption using Strong Encryption (AES and RSA)
  • Authenticate using UserName/Password and optionally Hardware ID's (MAC Address or other unique identifiers)

And securely transmit Video/Audio/other Data to remote servers in real time via tcp, udp or http meeting HIPPA requirements.

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