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The Internet has changed the way we all work and as connections get faster and devices become connected as well as people, the only limit is what you can imagine!

SkyWire Wireless Toolkits
Cross Platform Wireless Toolkits to securely send data over any network using just about any operating system or development tool. Palm, PocketPC, Win32, Java, Embedded devices and more. Voice and Video Options including MPEG4 support for Linux, Win32 and PocketPC. Securely stream video from any Video Input to just about any device.
SkyWire Video
Video to Cell Phones and PocketPC. Standalone ServerSkyWire Video II, Developer Kit or Server Farm Architecture. Scalable Video to Cell Phone Solution with full security and auditing. Coming soon: J2ME video Wavelet, RTSP and 3GPP support. Downloads
SkyWire Meeting
Video Conferencing Edition adds MPEG4 Video with synchronized Audio to Internet Presentations. New SkyWire Virtual Mirror Driver for true color Presentation Support. PocketPC MPEG4 Client available. Collaborate by sharing any Windows Desktop. SDK Options.
SkyWire VoIP
Developer toolkits for VoIP on Win32 and WinCE using H.323. Use VoIP in Win32 or PocketPC applications or as part of web pages with Asta VoiP support for COM. Special "light" version available for small downloads from Internet Server Available. Asta MCU Toolkit to create MCU's for H323 conferencing server applications.

ASTA Wireless News

RTSP Support for 3GPP to Cell Phones
3GPP Video and Audio available to Cell Phones.

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Cell Phone Advertising
ASTA introduces technology to support new media platform of CellPhone Advertising.

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