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ASTA Video Distributed

ASTA Distributed Video provides a secure, cross platform, load balanced server farm architecture designed to support any number of HTTP Network Cameras and deliver video to Cell Phones and other clients.

The system can be configured to allow for any user to only see video sources that he has security rights for or for public access to all video sources. There is no physical limit to the number of HTTP Cameras, Users or Cell Phones as Servers can be added as demand grows.

The system includes full audit capabilities with remote adminstraction via a PHP interface and a Windows Desktop Thin Client.

ASTA Distributed Video supports the concept of "commercials" allowing Video sources to be accessed for a configurable time period and then overlaying pre-recorded video clips for any video source.

The System can be used as a pay for service model, private viewing network, or to just add video to any web site from existing WebCams or other video sources. If you have a web site that displays live or pre-recorded video clips you can make those same video sources available to cell phone clients with complete control over access.

Features include:

  • Central Authentication and Routing for All Clients
  • Support for any Video Input
  • Security Options
  • SMS Alert Integration Options
  • Playback Support from Cell Phones
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Audit Abilities
  • Integration with On Line shopping Cards, Business Partners and Accounting System


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