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PDA Safe

PDA Safe

Harnessing the power of world-class encryption methods to keep your PDA data secure

Running PDA safe on your device means that you may now use your PDA to store sensitive and vital pieces of information.

Up until now, storing sensitive data on your PDA was a risky thing to do. The standard Palm password is weak and easy to by-pass, meaning that all of your data would be available to unauthorized users.

Some applications have appeared that enable you to use encryption based programs for storing small pieces of vital information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and so on. Of course, the scope of these small programs was limited to the data that it stored. There was still no way to encrypt, for example, your address book. Until now.

PDA Safe uses World class encryption methodologies to secure ALL of your PDAs data. We offer two versions that differ only in their use of encryption technology. North American customers have the choice of purchasing either the DES encryption solution or the Rijndael solution. The latter offers superior encryption and won the most recent AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) competition.

Due to US export restrictions, we are unable to offer the Rijndael solution to customers physically outside North America.

Whichever solution you install, the method of operation is identical.

Read following documents for details of PDA Safe usage:

Support options

There are public newsgroups for PdaSafe that can be found by pointing your newsgrouip reader to and then posting on the news.astawireless.pdasafe newsgroup.

Email support is available from

Custom licenses and versions of PdaSafe can be obtained for your organization. Contact for more information.

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