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LiveVideo via wireless - wherever you are

Video and Audio Almost Anywhere

SkyWire Video Secure Edition 2.0 displays live video and audio, and plays back recorded audio and video from surveillance systems and most any video source, on mobile devices—PDAs, cell phones, notebooks,browsers,tablets or laptops—via TCP, HTTP or UDP connection, “wired” or wireless. See and hear the action live, on any LAN or anywhere the Internet or a wireless connection is available. MPEG-4 video brings high frame rates to PocketPC and PC and Browser clients.

On Almost Any Operating system and Device

SkyWire Video Secure Edition works with handheld devices running PocketPC via MPEG4, with any Windows Desktop , Browser Clients via MPEG4 with an ActiveX, Browser Clients via MJPEG with a Java Applet or JavaScript, Laptops, Palm with Java, and tablet PCs running Windows, and now with many cell phones. That means SkyWire Video works with devices you now have, and will likely be acquiring in the future. Download the SkyWire Video Client User Manual for details.

Cell Phone Client

See your surveillance system, place of business, or home monitoring system on your Java-enabled cell phone. Very convenient.

Works with almost any CCTV System

SkyWire Video works with all popular cameras, multiplexers and DVRs, through a variety of connectivity options. Camera Pan, Tilt and Zoom and other camera controls can used from the handheld device, in appropriate configurations. View live video, hear audio, and play back recorded video and audio.

Encryption and Device Registration for Extreme Protection

SkyWire Video uses the most powerful encryption available to protect your video from unauthorized viewing—whether you are using LAN, Internet or wirleless connection. AES and RSA encryption are available. And for extreme security, specific individual devices may be registered via their hardware MAC addresses, so only those devices can access the video.

New Options for Security and Management

Security personnel are no longer tied to a bank of monitors. They can see a situation or check an alarm wherever they may be—at the airport, between buildings, even en-route to respond. And managers can check their business from anywhere.

Motion Detection, Alerts, Recording, Archiving

If you can't watch all your cameras at all times, SkyWire Video can do it for you. You define both the level of motion sensitivity and the size of moving object required to trigger the system. If motion exceeds that level, the software takes actions you specify, including sending a pre-formatted e-mail and/or recording the event. E-mail alerts can be directed to your cell phone, for real-time notification. SkyWire Video can also record continuously or on a schedule, turning your PC into a powerful Digital Video Recorder. It’s a great solution for adding remote monitoring and “anywhere monitoring” to almost any security system. Recordings can be automatically archived to another drive. Specify the amount of disk space you want to use on the Server PC. When recordings exceed that space, the oldest recordings are automatically moved to the archive drive.

Scheduling for Convenience

Events such as recording, and turning motion detection on and off, can be scheduled in the Server. Set it once and forget it.

Scalability and Remote Channels

SkyWire Video 2.0 has new scalability options. They key to this scalability is SkyWire Remote Channels—the ability for SkyWire Servers to act as a remote clients to other SkyWire Servers, with a high level of security to assure the safety of the customers’ video, even in wireless environments. The SkyWire 2.0 architecture provides a flexible and “Lego”-like building block that enables software to capture video and audio, directly support remote clients, and securely push that video/audio to other remote SkyWire Servers, for a secure, tiered system. This tiered system allows redundant recording is multiple locations. A remote channel may also be a PocketPC device with an attached camera, such as a FlyCam.In the future, cell phones with cameras may become remote channels

System Requirements

For the SkyWire Video Server:

  • A Computer running a Win32 Operating system (Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, NT 4.0 or later)
  • 2Mb available HD space for software
  • 16Mb RAM or more
  • Additional disk space as needed for recording
  • Internet connection or wireless LAN connection

For the SkyWire Client, either:

  • PDA Running Windows CE v. 3.1 or later with 600k available space and a wireless network card or wireless Internet modem
  • Java Enabled Cell Phone that can access the internet
  • Laptop or Desktop computer or other device running Windows 98 or later, with wireless network card or modem. 1Mb available disk space and 16Mb or more of RAM
  • Applet and HTML options Available for Web Browser Access. Uses built in Internet Server
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