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Remote Channels

A Remote Channel is any Video or Audio Input that can be captured and then pushed to remote Venus Servers as a client to the system.

Protocols Supported

  • TCP
  • UDP
  • HTTP

In order to be more scalable, the Venus Remote Channel will use HTTP so that the number of actually connections to the server will be limited and allow IIS to do some of the work.By using an HTTP proxy, the Streaming Server can use UDP to push Video to a proxy that is on the local network and doesn't have to deal with any packet loss issues via tcp that would force resends as the proxy (an ISAPI dll) will deal with that managed by IIS on a different machine.

Remote Channels can include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • USB Based Digital Camera
  • Analog Cameras via Video Boards such as Provideo and Osprey
  • HTTP Network Camera
  • HTTP Network Camera using DDNS to become a client to a Venus Server
  • Symbian Enabled Cell Phones with Cameras
  • FlyCam Cameras on Pocket PC
  • Palm OS Devices with Web Cam Support
  • Any Audio Input
  • A Venus Server as a remote channel
  • Pre Recorded Multimedia Streams that can include AVI Files, DVD's, CD's' or Archived streams previously recorded from another Remote Channel

Venus Remote Channels have the ability to handle multiple Video and Audio Inputs thus making Venus Clients expandable for any number of Video channels. A Remote Channel can also be a Venus Server with multiple Video Inputs that itself becomes a remote channel to remote Venus Streaming Servers. This exact same piece can be used inside a Linux Appliance to create a Remote Channel Appliance.

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