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SkyWire Video SDK

The SkyWire Video SDK is designed to provide real time secure transport of multiple media data across all platforms and devices. It is the SkyWire Video mission to support any video and audio inputs and provide support for output to any device on the most popular operating systems using all the standard internet protocols.

With release of more and more types of PDA's and operating systems, it can be quite challenging to support all the new hardware available to users. the SkyWire Video SDK allows DVR Manufacturers and any ISV's to to make sure that they support the disparate devices that users want to be able to securely view their secruity cameras on.

With the SkyWire Transmitter SDK subcription you will be guaranteed to support all devices as the market evolves!

Key elements of the system include:

  • Support for multiple Video and Audio Codecs including Skywire MPEG4 Cross Platform Codec
  • Support Transcoding between codecs when required
  • Support for any Video Input
  • Support for distributed Video and Audio Inputs
  • Multiple Protocol Support
  • Support for any Audio Input
  • Pluggable Audio and Video Codec Support
  • Provide Synchronized Audio and Video
  • Security and Encryption Options
  • Throughput Control Options
  • Multi Platform Support
  • Support for all Popular Devices
  • Audit Abilities
  • Support for Client/Server and Peer Based Systems
  • Support of the creation of Linux Appliances
  • Instant Messaging support
  • Licensing Enforcement tools for PDA's
  • Support for Auto Updates for Client Deployments
  • Event Notification Support
  • Email Alerts
  • Motion Detection
  • GPS Integration
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Support

SkyWire Meeting SDK

The SkyWireMeeting SDK is designed to provide Internet Meeting and Collaboration features.

Elements of this system include

  • Application Sharing Support via Skywire Display Device Driver
  • Remote Control Support
  • SkyWire Presentation Codec
  • Synchronization of Audio, Video and Presentation
  • Recording and Playback Options including stand alone Players and Recorders
  • Support for the creation of Linux Appliances
  • File Transfer and File Synchronization Options

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