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SkyWire Video Server deployed as an Appliance

SkyWire Video Servers can be deployed as an "Appliance", requiring no keyboard or Monitor.

Skywire Video provides a Video Guardian application that runs as an NT service that will start on system boot.

The Video Guardian launches the SkyWire Video Server which can be administered remotely with an Admintrative Client.

Below is a screen shot of the SkyWire Video Administrative Client connected to a SkyWire Video Server. All the camera settings, encryption settings, MPEG4 settings, can be securely administered with the SkyWire Video Administrative Client.

The log entries are the actual log entries from the server, avaialable in real time to the remote admin client.

A Web interface is available that allows the Video Guardian to be remotely administered which allows the SkyWire Video Server to be stopped and restarted.

A Linux version of the same architecture is in development.

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