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SkyWire Secure Client Appliance

The SkyWire Secure Client is a Video Appliance that can be plugged into any network to enable remote monitoring without the hassle of opening up ports or configuring any software on client machines.

By not having a "listening" server, the SkyWire Secure Client provides a plug and play, scalable solution that is secured by encryption, and hardware authentication. Providing the ultimate in security and ease of use, the SkyWire Video Client allows remote monitoring to be setup in a matter of minutes.

The appliances have RS-232 and RS-485 inputs that can be used by PTZ devices such as Pelco Devices or customized for your needs. For Example an Infra Red Remote Control device could be used with the RS-232 port to send custom commands that could be processed. Anything is possible! The SkyWire Video Team is available to help you meet your specifications. Just !

User Manual for Video server with 2 Analog Inputs

User Manual for Video server PTZ camera and 3 additional Analog Inputs

User Manual for Video 4 channel server

The SkyWire Video Appliance can also be used to capture other HTTP cameras behind firewalls and ecrypt/encode the video stream using a more efficient Video Codec (mpeg4 or H263) for efficiency and security.

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