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SkyWire NetAnyCam Direct

Win32 or PocketPC client that can connect directly to http cameras.

When running a mix of HTTP Network Cameras, NetAnyCam Direct provides a one application solution to access any HTTP Network Camera. NetAnyCam Direct can be configured to connect to any number of HTTP Network Cameras.

NetAnyCam Direct is a “universal PocketPC Client” for any HTTP camera, anywhere in the world. It can connect directly to any HTTP/IP/Network camera over LAN or over Internet, and display live video on PocketPC.

If you need to add recording, motion detection or alerts to HTTP Network Cameras, the SkyWire Video Servers (JPEG or MPEG4 Editions) provide an easy to use solution that can run as an NT Service on Windows.

NetAnycam Direct is available as a one time purchase or on a subscription basis, so that you can always have one client application that can connect to any of your HTTP network Cameras.

NetAnyCam is also availble on PocketPC but to get the best performance on PocketPC, you can use a SkyWire Video Server that can transcode the HTTP Network Camera JPEG stream to MPEG 4 for more efficient video streaming.

As more and more cameras Support Audio, NetAnyCam Direct will be updated to support Audio also.

Features Include

  • Works with a wide variety of Network/IP/HTTP cameras.
  • View live video on PocketPC anywhere you can get a LAN or wireless signal.
  • Store and name many cameras, then select the camera you want to view from a list.
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom supported on many cameras—control the camera from the PocketPC device.
  • Supports TCP/IP, HTTP and UDP for access over any network or any Internet connection.
  • Easily upgrade to SkyWire Video to add alerts, remote playback of recorded video, instant messaging n PocketPC, and more.

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