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SkyWire Video Officer Cam

SkyWire Video technology allows video from all video sources to be moved to locations and platforms where it is needed most.

For example, many police cars are equipped with fixed video cameras, which hook to video recorders. The video can be viewed after the fact, but not in real time. And sometimes the "action" takes place outside the view of the fixed camera.

With SkyWire Video, a tiny wireless "spy cam" can be worn on the officer's uniform. Anything the office looks at can be viewed and recorded. The video from the camera is transmitted to the officer's car, when it is captured and recorded by SkyWire Video running on a laptop computer. From there, the video can be transmitted via several different wireless technologies to police headquarters, or to other officers in the vicinity.

So if the officer is making a "high risk" stop, the video can be viewed in real-time at headquarters, and by other officers who may in the position to render assistance<

With SkyWire Video Servers running in Police Cars, Buses and other public transportation, running other SkyWire Servers could be securely accessed by Law Enforcement if required with the ability to View Video via SkyWire Encrypted Video streams securely.

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