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LiveVideo via wired or wireless - wherever you are

Flexible and Secure Video Architecture

SkyWire Video was designed from the ground up to be able to capture any video or audio input and securely deliver it to a wide variety of devices and platforms.

This technology is the basis for the SkyWire Video Server 2.0 and is also available as Software Development Kits. Whether you have an existing CCTV/Monitoring system which you need to make available to remote users, or you want a new monitoring system with secure remote access, or you are a DVR manufacturer or IP Camera manufacturer, SkyWire Video can be used to extend your product to support platforms such as PocketPC, Java-enabled cell phones, Symbian phones or Palm OS.

Some of the features of SkyWire Video Technology include

  • Supports any video input including Video Capture Boards, WebCams, HTTP Cameras, Camera Phones, PocketPC Cameras, etc.
  • Support PC/Win32, PocketPC and Linux via the SkyWire Cross Platform MPEG4 Codec for high frame rates and reduced recording requirements.
  • Support Synchronized Audio so you can hear as well as see the action
  • Support Java Phones and Java Applets via JPEG and PNG
  • Support TCP, UDP and HTTP (with HTTP push available for full Video Conferencing)
  • Support Strong Encryption, User Authentication and Device Authenticationódesigned to meet US Department of Defense Class III security requirements.
  • Support Recording and Playback on Win32 and PocketPC
  • Support Motion Detection with advanced settings for sensitivity, object size, multiple zones, and more.
  • Pop-up Alerts give immediate notification to connected clients when motion is detected. Alerts are definable by camera.
  • Support Email Alerts to buy custom essays online
  • Support Cross Platform Secure Instant Messaging so clients can communicate with the Server and with each other
  • Support Async Communication Support with full scripting to connect external devices such as access control devices, motion detectors and more.
  • Run as a normal Windows EXE,NT Service or Linux Daemon
  • Servers can be deployed as "Remote Channel" to other Servers
  • Windows or Linux Servers
  • Portable Code for use in embedded Devices

This pluggable architecture, allows for the ultimate in flexibility. Servers can be used as StandAlone Servers or, when used with the Venus Distributed Architecture as distributed Remote channels for a highly scalable enterprise solution.

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