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SkyWire Embedded Technlogy

SkyWire Video Technology has been ported to run on Embedded ARM Devices on Embedded Linux or WinCE. The SkyWire Video Appliance is the first example of SkyWire Video Technology deployed on embedded Devices.

This technology includes

  • video Capture
  • Video Encoding (MPEG4 and H263)
  • Audio Encoding with multiple codec choices available
  • Strong Encryption options
  • tcp, udp and http protocols
  • The ability to monitor RS232 and RS485 ports
  • Integration with ASTA Voip Technology using H323 or SIP

Units could be programmed to respond to RS232 or RS485 input and video/and or audio could be captured and forwarded. Actually Phone calls could be made with VoIP. Devices will have full scripting abilities so that they can be easily customized.

The use of this kind of technology could extend well beyond the Video and security world to be included in devices such as routers and DSL modems, POS devices or use in wafer fabrication facilities.

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