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LiveVideo via wireless - wherever you are

Java Enabled Cell Phones

SkyWire Video supports Java-enabled cell phones as well as Pocket PC Clients. You can view video from any video source on your cell phone. Very Convenient.Try the SkyWire Java Cell Phone Animated demo

Works with any of the following phones:

  • Sanyo 5300
  • Sanyo 8100
  • Nokia 3200
  • Nokia 3650
  • Nokia 6200
  • Nokia 6600,6620,6630
  • Nokia 7210
  • Motorola T-720i
  • Motorola i95CL
  • Sony Ericson 800
  • Treo 600 (Palm) using IBM WebSphere Micro Environment MIDP-2.0

For PocketPC phones you can download the SkyWire PocketPC client

And works with all major cell phone providers—AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, etc. (Except Verizon who won't allow 3rd party Java Applications to run.)

SkyWire Video Servers Support Java Enabled Cell phones but so does the SkyWire Distributed Architecture. Imagine a service where users can logon and see only the video that they have rights to, or a system where every cell phone subscriber could monitor traffic during rush hour.

Camera Phone Support Coming!

Watch for support of Cameras from Symbian phones where video can be captured on Symbian phones and then transmitted to SkyWire Servers and recorded or made available to all Skywire Clients. Support will be for MPEG4 and H263.

Instructions for downloading/operating SkyWire Video on your cell phone against our demo server

Enter the following URL in your phone's browser (this is the hardest part of the process).

There is a WAP file you can access from your phone that includes links to the required files

There you will find versions for Nokia and for All other phones.

The Nokia version supports ASTA SMS Alert Integration that will launch the app and connect to a channel that can be sent via SMS.

For a demo to your phone using SMS just email a reqest to

To Download the files directly here are the urls that you need to key into your pphone or

for Nokia MIDP 2.0 phones like the Nokia 6620/6630 use

Now when you launch the app, you can go straight to Menu/Online Cameras.

You will connect to the ASTA server and see several cameras to select from.

If you have any problems or questions please contact Contact

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