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SkyWire Video in BattleField Simulation: Notes from a SkyWire Video Partner Pedagog USA

August 2004: Skywire Video Integrator successfully completes battle testing. Showing the versatility and capacity of the solution was our goal. We were able to roam on our new proprietary broadband network which was not 802.11 based. The network utilized brings interoperability to the Army's broad range of secure nets. This is a tactical broadband solution which we can deploy in city and rural areas where network security is an issue. The video was impressive at 80 mph on a landing strip next to the base. The network will also be utilized for UAV's Robotics and Urban Training. A full demonstration of this Integrator's Solution will be held this month at a undisclosed location. The network capabilities are inline with the Integrator's extensive roaming standards.

June 2004: Live skydivers at 10,000 feet! New video device brings true performance to broadband networks. We continuously push the envelope by seeking unorthodox methods of information exchange. This is the first phase of UAV research which will utilize spread spectrum frequencies. The network behaved as it always does, unpredictable and wild. Video was captured at 11,000 feet during freefall and during the canopy phases of the jump. See a video clip of this event here. New antenna technologies were utilized to achieve the distance. It was pleasing to see a product perform beyond expectation. See a video clip of this event here.

June 2004: SkyWire Video Integrator partner tests new wireless video appliance, delivers 20 to 30 fps. The size of the self contained unit, is as big as a pocket pc with a dual pcmcia jacket and is only similar in size. This capability takes us to the next level. it is an amazing box. The Army is pleased to see "Land Warrior" capabilities in the field that are solid and capable of sustaining the rigors of advanced urban exercises. Pedagog USA has ruggedized the solution and has cracked the mobile video roaming barrier. SkyWire Video Partners are active implementing a new broadband roaming network that will bring video, voice and positioning capabilities for real-time convoy, and ambush field training. It is currently being implemented at select MOUT sites across the country.

May 2004: SkyWire Video Integrator Partner succesfully demonstrates new mobile roaming video capability to US Army at a undisclosed location. Seamlessly roaming with video is not an easy task. We have over a period of time, carved a solution which will take the training of our troops to a new level. Immediate feedback after an event gives the trainer immeasurable leverage as to the teaching of urban assault tactics. The dual capability helmet camera setup performed without flaw on its inital run at a training, MOUT site. "Now, we have more than one trainer watching, we have an audience of professional soldiers that can immediately provide input to further enhance the training experience." LTC

SkyWire Video Technologies Available include

  • Video Appliances
  • Strong Encryption
  • Location Based Technology for Position Tracking
  • GPS Overlay Integration
  • Tracking and Targetting
  • JXTA Support for integration in disparate systems
  • Alerts and Instant Message Integration
  • SkyWire GPS MPEG4 Streams to PocketPC for Real Time and Historic Location Viewing

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