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This white paper introduces concepts of synchronization and replication. It also discusses some proven technologies and makes recommendations on which to use, and why. It also introduces SkyWire™ SkySync, a new synchronization technology from Asta Technology Group that embodies the recommendations made.

Syncronization & Replication white paper

How SkyWire™ SkySync Works

SkyWire™ SkySync was introduced to fill a gap in the market. A tool that would permit the synchronization (and replication - see later) of disparate databases whether they be located on PDAs, be desktop variants or full blown client/server systems. To better understand the underpinnings of SkyWire™ SkySync, a little history lesson may be in order.

SkyWire™ SkySync is based on the Asta component set, a set of data-aware components for Delphi developers that uses tcp/ip as a transport protocol. The Asta creators were aware, at a very early stage, of the need to enable disconnected users and they introduced the Asta Suitcase Model.

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