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SkyWire Traffic Copter Cam-Cell Phones to Manage Traffic Congestion

Automobile Traffic in large metropolitan cities can be a real nightmare. Tired commuters can often save hours on their commute by avoiding congested routes and would gladly pay a service fee to be able to receive live traffic images via their cell phones and pda's.

Enter SkyWire Traffic Copter Cam which allows commuters to see live images of traffic cameras using HTTP Network Cameras broadcasting through the SkyWire Distributed Server Farm Architecture to Java Enabled Cell Phones.

Users pay a monthly service fee to get live feeds from HTTP Network Cameras placed strategically on congested highways. Celluar providers love promoting this service as it provides lots of reasons for users to upgrade to that unlimited data plan.

Users login to a central server and a list of cameras are streamed back to the Cell phone that they can then click on to view live images right from their cars.

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