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Remote Monitoring and the ASP Model

With the explosion of CCTV, the Internet and Wireless networks there is an opportunity similar to the opportunity at the start of the Internet Explosion in the 1990's.

The demand for secure monitoring of Video Cameras will continue to grow with a growing demand to be able to view video securely and on many disparate devices.

The SkyWire Video Distributed Architecture offers the foundation for an ASP Model of Service similar to Internet Service Providers (ISP).

SkyWire Remote Channels offers a securely and efficient way to deliver video securely.

SkyWire Video’s scalable and distributed architecture enables a business to support large numbers of camera and large number of users, with centralized management.

This enable a business to provide remote access to video, and video monitoring services, as a monthly service model, or other periodic service. Services could include:

  • Remote access to an existing (legacy) CCTV surveillance system on PC, PocketPC or Palm PDA, and/or cell phone.
  • Remote access to home or business surveillance systems using legacy cameras, IP cameras, or even web cams.
  • Motion detection and recording, regardless of camera type.

A SkyWire software utility can be installed to the customer site, which will forward video to the Distributed Server. This overcomes firewall issues, allowing the system to be used in homes or business where firewalls can be difficult to deal with or where security concerns prevent opening ports in firewalls.

No ports are required to be open and any http cameras will be in-accessible to the world as the SkyWire Remote Channel is uses an encrypted stream to push data to a remote server where it can then be made available to those who are allowed to access the stream. Recording can be distributed or centralized.

The SkyWire Video Distributed Server can be integrated with databases and/or billing software to assure service to paying customers, and to interrupt service to non-paying customers. It can also easily accommodate management of customer accounts, including adding new camera or new services.

The virtues of a recurring revenue model are financially obvious. More customers bring more revenue in the short term and in the long term.

The first implemenation of this recurring revenue model is being deployed in the Spring of 2004 at one of the largest cities in the world to be able to deliver live video to commuters stuck in traffic jams.

In the works: SkyWire Video Appliances that would allow for a plug and go client installation without the requirement for a computer required at the clients site.

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