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Remote Channel Organization

Since the Venus Video Architecture allows for an unlimited number of Remote Channels to be supported, it is important to have conventions to aid users to manage their accounts.

  • A Remote Channel is any Video Input Device
  • A Location is a Name for where one or more Remote Channels are located
  • A Domain is a Group of Locations

A User with one Remote Channel would need not Define a Location but as soon as she adds more than one Remote Channel to the System the Location would need to be named.

Remote Channels are organized by the Domain.Location.ChannelName Convention so that Users can readily consume Remote Channel Resources. Below is an example of Remote Channels that are available for a Home User.






An Example for this User would would be that she is a regional supervisor for a Restaurant Chain that has multiple Locations.

The Domain Name would be MyRestaurant with locations named Downtown and MyRestaurant.

Remote Channels could be organized as :







When She Logs onto the system, she would be presented with optios to View her Home System or the Restaurent System. Of course in the real world she would probably use a different user name for her business and home but this is used as an example. The Client Software would present her with a menu of available locations from which she could view one ore more Remote Channels.

Different Restaurant Employees could be given access to only the channels they would have a right to View. A template of Access rights or "Profile" could be defined so a "Manager" could be defined as well as "Regional Supervisor".

The Manager of the Downtown Restaurant could only see the cameras as that location and the Manager at TheMall could only see the cameras at her location. Regional Managers could have access to multiple Restaurants when they log into the system.

The original User who contracted to use the Venus cameras at multiple Restaurant Locations would have the Administrative Rights to create other Users and assign Access Rights. Users could be defined as having these Admin abilities and added to the system. The Venus Video back end Database is responsible for maintaining this information.

These administrative functions would be available to Venus Support and Admin Employees through a Windows Client application that could be run from any remote computer.

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