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Video Service Provider (VSP)

Just like the Internet spawned ISP's, there is now an opportunity for new service providers called VSP's or Video Service Providers.

VSP's can provide services for

  • Wireless Providers driving data plans
  • Hosting of Private Video Sources and Services
  • High Security and Military Applications including UAV's

ASTA announces, AMMO (ASTA MultiMedia Objects) that can instantly wireless enable any Video Source. Analog Cameras, Web Cams, Video Boards, DVR's, HTTP Network Cameras, RTSP sources and just about any other video source, can be viewed from any Device

  • Windows Desktop and Browser
  • PocketPC and Smart Phones
  • Java Enabled Cell Phones
  • Symbian Phones
  • BREW Phones
  • Palm OS devices
  • Other Embeded devices

Read about how AMMO can be deployed the Business Opportunity that the VSP market represents.

  • AMMO Video Appliance Toolkit
  • AMMO Distributed









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