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SkyWire NetAnyCam Update-Win32, PocketPC and Symbian Phones

SkyWire NetAnyCam allows for Win32 and PocketPC clients to connect directly to HTTP Network Cameras. There is a BETA of a new version for PocketPC that is now completely re-written for better performance and for user definitiion for new HTTP Cameras.

Included is a Desktop HTTP Camera tester that allows for connect strings for MJPEG and PTZ to be tested and configuration files to be defined that can be used on the pocketPC.

Download Netanycam Win32 and PocketPC from

Netanycam has also been ported to Symbian Phones as the first step in MPEG4 support on Native Symbian Phones.

Future native Symbian will be able to support Symbian MPEG4, H263 and capture video from the Phone Camera's and transfer to remote SkyWire Video Servers. In Addition the ability to use 3gpp will be supported.





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