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ASTA Multi Media Objects (AMMO)

ASTA Technology Group announces the ASTA Multi Media Objects SDK (AMMO ) with full support for Voice, Video and Desktop Capture available on many platforms and devices.

The SDK is being used internally by ASTA SkyWire for the SkyWire Venus Distributed Architecture that supports MPEG4, H263, H264, H263 on platforms such as Win32, Linux, Arm Linux and PocketPC. Other Codecs are supported on Java Enabled Cell Phones with Symbian and Brew implementations underway also.

The AMMO  will allow the mix and match of languages and platforms with remote server objects written in C#, C++, Java and Delphi capable of being accessed by remote clients running on just about any platform.

AMMO Servers will be able to support Load Balancing and Fail Over for a true distributed Object Archecture.

Support will include UDP, TCP and HTTP, Multi Cast support, as well as implementations available using H323 and SIP. JXTA support will be available also.

SkyWire MM Objects faciliates the deployment of event driven multi media applications with very strong wireless support. Alerts, Sensors and other Asynchronous activities are supported to allow for Video and Voice enabled messaging to be pushed out to devices, phones and PDA's securely and reliably.

Examples in the SDK will allow for DVR Manufacturer's and other Video Source ISV's to readily add wireless support with the coding of a few callbacks. We estimate that a morning's work by an experienced developer with knowledge of a particular DVR's SDK could have MPEG4 video flowing to PocketPC as well as custom Alert support.


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