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LiveVideo via wireless - wherever you are

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Live Video Almost Anywhere

SkyWire™ Video Secure Edition displays live video from security cameras and webcams on virtually any mobile device-handhelds, notebooks, tablets or laptops-via wireless connection. Security personnel can see the action live, anywhere a wireless signal is available. LiveVideo works with wireless LANs and wireless Internet for worldwide coverage

On Almost Any Mobile Device

LiveVideo Secure Edition works with almost any handheld device running Windows CE and with Laptops running Windows. A version for PalmOS will be available soon. That means LiveVideo works with the devices you now have, and will likely be acquiring in the future.

Encryption and Device Registration for Extreme Protection

LiveVideo uses the most powerful encryption available to protect your video feeds from unauthorized viewing. DES, AES and RSA encryption are available. And for extreme security, specific individual devices may be registered via their hardware MAC addresses, so only those devices can access the wireless video feeds. Any attempt by an unauthorized device leaves a trail.

See and Control Multiple Cameras

LiveVideo lets you switch from camera to camera with a tap. Pan, tilt & zoom can be controlled from the mobile device. All popular cameras, DVRs and video servers are supported (some may require custom work).

Motion Detection, Alerts, Recording

If you can't watch all your cameras at all times, LiveVideo can do it for you. You define the level of motion sensitivity. If motion exceeds that level, the software server takes actions you specify, including sending a pre-formatted e-mail alert and/or recording the event for the duration you define. LiveVideo can also record continuously, turning your PC into a low-cost Digital Video Recorder. Recorded video has a digital checksum or watermark to assure it has not been altered. It's a great low-cost solution for monitoring remote sites that may not warrant a dedicated DVR.

New Options for Security Tactics

Security personnel are no longer tied to a bank of monitors. They can see a situation or check an alarm wherever they may be-at the airport, between buildings, even en-route to an alarm. This greatly increases your options for deploying security personnel, and lets them cover more area more effectively.

The SkyWire Video server resides on any PC or Win32 server with access to a wireless LAN and/or an Internet connection. It encrypts the video from your cameras to protect you from unauthorized viewing. It authenticates specific devices to allow only those devices to connect, and tracks connection history. It feeds the encrypted video stream(s) to the Internet or wireless LAN. The server also watches your cameras continuously. If it detects motion, it can send an alert, and can record the incident for playback. It can also record continuously, turning your PC into a low-cost Digital Video Recorder.

The SkyWire Video Client resides on your PDA or laptop. It lets you select which camera to view, then receives the encrypted video feed from the wireless LAN or Internet. It decrypts the video feed and displays it. The SkyWire Video Client also lets you control the system, including pan/tilt/zoom, from the wireless remote device.

System Requirements

For the SkyWire Video Server:

  • A Computer running a Win32 Operating system (Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, NT 4.0 or later)
  • 2Mb available HD space for software
  • 16Mb RAM or more
  • Additional disk space as needed for recording
  • Internet connection or wireless LAN connection

For the SkyWire Client, either:

  • PDA Running Windows CE v. 3.1 or later with 600k available space and a wireless network card or wireless Internet modem
  • Jave Enabled Cell Phone that can access the internet
  • Laptop or Desktop computer or other device running Windows 98 or later, with wireless network card or modem. 1Mb available disk space and 16Mb or more of RAM
  • Applet and HTML options Available for Web Browser Access. Requires Internet Server
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