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LiveVideo via wireless - wherever you are

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Live Video Almost Anywhere

SkyWire™ Video Webcam Edition lets you see live video from your webcam on your PDA or laptop via wireless connection-anywhere you can get a wireless signal!

Works with wireless LANs and with most available wireless Internet providers. With a wireless Internet account and a wireless modem, you could see live video from your webcam anywhere in the world you can get a wireless Internet signal.

On Almost Any Mobile Device

LiveVideo versions are available for Windows CE/PocketPC (iPAQ, Journada, etc.) and for Windows (laptops). A version for PalmOS is under development.

Optional Encryption for Privacy

Want to make sure your webcam stays private? Purchase the options Video Encryptor add-on for the most powerful commercial encryption technology available. AES encryption is available in the USA, and DES encryption is available worldwide.

Almost Like Being There

Are the kids being good? Did the motion detector go off because Fluffy bumped it? Or is something more sinister afoot? LiveVideo is the next best thing to being there.

You connect your webcam to a PC connected to the Internet or a wireless LAN. The LiveVideo server resides on your PC. It feeds the video stream to the Internet or wireless LAN. The optional Video Encryptor encrypts the video signal so only authorized clients can view it.

The LiveVideo Client resides on your PDA or laptop. It receives the encrypted video feed from the wireless LAN or Internet and diaplays it on your mobile device. If the option Video Encryptor is used, the client will decrypt the video for viewing.

System Requirements

For the LiveVideo Server:

  • A PC running Windows 98 or later (Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, NT 4.0 or later.)
  • 2Mb available disk space
  • 16Mb RAM or more

For the LiveVideo Client, either:

  • PDA Running Windows CE v. 3.0 or later with 600k available space and a wireless network card or modem
  • Laptop computer with wireless network card or modem. 1 Mb available disk space and 16mb or more of RAM


  • Your Webcam(s) connected to a PC.
  • Your wireless network or wireless Internet access account to transmit the video.
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