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Language: Pascal-like

ASTA PocketStudio Support

ASTA's PocketStudio support package consists of two parts:

Palm Side    

The following files are included in the ASTA PocketStudio evaluation:

  • AstaLib.prc

    Shared Library that contains the implementation of the ASTA Palm Library that must be loaded on the Palm or in POSE.

    Currently needs to reside in the directory of your Pocket Studio Project.

  • AstaLib.pas

    PocketStudio interface library for AstaLib.prc.

    Currently needs to reside in the directory of your PocketStudio Project.

  • AstaStart.ppr

    Template ASTA client that shows how to connect to a server.

    Also shows how to save the Ipaddress and Port in the palm preferences.

  • PalmSQL.ppr

    PocketStudio sample project showing how to query a remote ASTA Server

    Shows how to use the AstaNestedParamList DataType that provides a string only Row/Column DataStructure similar to a TDataSet so that multiple rows can be fetched from a remote server.

  • AstaFileTest.ppr

    Sample application that can fetch a text file from the ASTA SkyWire™ Debug Server

    Shows how to use blob calls with AstaParamLists and to write the text file to a palm memo

  • ASTA SkyWire™ Server

    An ASTA SkyWire™ Debug Server that doesn't use a database and logs all messages from remote PDA clients. See the screen shot below of the debug server running.

    Allows the server to be secured so that username/passwords can be defined and tested.

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