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Additional Server-Side Events

There are several additional events coded on the AstaPDAServerSocket in order to support remote PDA Clients.


This is the most important event as all the SendParamList calls from PDA clients will flow through this event. The MsgToken comes from the remote Client call and if there is any kind of Error on the server just send a non-zero value back in PdaSendParamList.

procedure TTestForm.AstaServerSocketPDAParamList(Sender: TObject;
  ClientSocket: TCustomWinSocket; PDAid, MsgID, MsgToken: Integer;
  P: TAstaParamList);
var Error: Integer;
  case MsgToken of
    1001: Error:=DoPDAServerTime(ClientSocket, P);
    1003: Error:=DoPalmSQLSelect(ClientSocket, P);
    1004: Error:=DoPDATables(ClientSocket, P);
    1005: Error:=DoPalmExecSQL(Clientsocket,p);
    1006: Error:=DoPDAFields(ClientSocket, P);
    1010: Error:=DoPalmMultiSQLSelect(ClientSocket, P);
    1011: Error:=DoPDASelect(ClientSocket, P);
    1012: Error:=DoPalmExecSQLParamList(ClientSocket,p);
    else Error:=DoPDAServerTime(ClientSocket, P);
  AstaServerSocket.PDASendParamList(Error, ClientSocket, P);
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