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SkyWire™ COM Server

SkyWire™ Servers can be built using the SkyWire™ COM Interface, native Delphi components, or Java. There are examples using Visual Basic and Delphi included in the SkyWire™ COM Server installation.

The SkyWire™ COM Interface consists of the following components:

Business Logic

You can certainly use the SkyWire™ Server API to allow for your remote clients to execute SQL but you also can add Business Logic to your own ASTA server by customizing your SkyWire™ Server. In this way, your clients always make the same call to the server but you can always change the implementation by changing the server and not worry about the clients having to be changed. Of course ASTA has an Auto Client Update feature across all platforms to make sure that all remote SkyWire™ clients are up to date.

Below are a couple of examples of Business Logic as coded on the example ASTA Visual Basic Northwind Server.

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