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NSBASIC uses a Basic like scripting language and ASTA supports NSBASIC on the Palm through the ASTA shared library (AstaLib.prc). In order to make this shared library available to ASTA SkyWire™ NSBASIC applications the shared library must be loaded on POSE or on the Palm device. The AstaLib.inf file must be copied to the \NSBASIC\lib directory in order to allow NSBASIC to access the shared library.

ASTA supports NSBasic on WinCE with the SkyWire™ COM Client.

Download and install NSBasic Client for WinCE.

Download and install NSBasic Client for Palm.

The following details the files that come with the ASTA SkyWire™ NSBasic client for Palm:

  • AstaSQL.prc - compiled nsbasic version of ASTA SQL.
  • AstaSQL.prj - nsbasic source for AstaSQL
  • Conversation.cod - Code for AstaSQL.Prj
  • AstaLib.inf - interface file required for the Asta Library File (AstaLib.prc) this must be in the \NSBasic\Lib directory.
  • AstaLib.prc - ASTA Shared Library which must be loaded on the palm device

To connect to a remote ASTA SkyWire™ server with NSBasic an AstaClientConnection needs to be created.

Dim Conn as Integer
Dim Result As Integer

Conn = AstaLib.AstaConnCreate()
Result = AstaLib.AstaConnOpen(Conn, Address, Port)

Once the connection is established then an AstaParamlist can be created and transported to the server along with a token (Request in the example below) representing the desired action that should be executed on the server

Params = AstaLib.AstaPLCreate(10)

Result = AstaLib.AstaConnSendParamList(Conn, Params, Request)
If Result <> 0 Then
Result = AstaLib.AstaConnReceiveParamList(Conn, Params)

The AstaSQL example has the full code that shows how to execute SQL Selects and execs and to retrieve server side Metadata information from remote ASTA SkyWire™ Servers.

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