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Language: C/C++

Code Warrior

Codewarrior C++ is the development tool choosen by Palm to use to create the PalmOS. ASTA SkyWire™ shared libraries are coded using Codewarrior 7.0.

ASTA SkyWire™ supports Codewarrior with the AstaLib.prc shared library that must be loaded on the Palm or into POSE.

Download and install the ASTA SkyWire™ Server Toolkit that contains:

  • AstaCOMServer.dll which allows for SkyWire™ Servers to be built with Visual Basic
  • SkyWire™ Server Examples with VB Source
  • SkyWire™ Windows Client that can run over the Internet with built in Palm Emulator
  • SkyWire™ Help Files and documentation

Download and install Code Warrior Client.

The following details the files that come with the ASTA SkyWire™ CodeWarrior client:

  • AstaLibMain.h - header file for AstaLib.prc
  • AstaSQL.cpp - sample c++ source program
  • AstaSQL.prc - compiled sample
  • AstaLib.prc - evaluation shared library
  • Additional files for CodeWarrior Project
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