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Supported platforms:
Language: C++


Embedded Visual C++ is the standard tool for developing WinCE applications from Microsoft.

Client part of Embedded Visual C++ support package consists of:

  • AstaDLL.dll

    DLL Library that contains the implementation of the ASTA SkyWire™ Library that must be loaded on the WinCE device or the emulator.

    Make sure it is in the path of any Wince Exe's.

  • AstaDLL.h

    Header file for AstaDLL.

  • AstaSQL

    AstaSQL demo.

    Simple project that shows how to get table names, field names, and execute exec and select SQL against a remote SkyWire™ Server.

  • SignCap

    Digital Ink example showing how to capture a signature and send it to a remote server and display it.

  • SkyWire™ Test Client

    Shows the build in abilities of SkyWire™ Servers.

  • Delphi SkyWire™ Test Client

    Delphi Win32 client that can be run against the same server and implements the SkyWire™ client abilities through the AstaServerSocket.OnCodedParamList call.

Download the latest ASTA Wince Evaluation Zip file that includes an ASTA DLL and AstaSQL demo for the x86 Emulator, ARM, MIPS and SH3 processors. Also you will need the SkyWire™ debug server to test with.

Server Side    

The TAstaPDAServerSocket, which descends from the TAstaServerSocket, provides support for Palm, WinCE and Linux PDA Clients. Below is a description of the additional events available for the TAstaPDAServerSocket.

There are several additional events coded on the AstaPDAServerSocket in order to support remote PDA Clients. See Additional Server-Side Events document for details.

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