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Why Synchronization or Replication?


Working Offline

Perhaps the biggest reason for synchronization and replication is to accord users the ability to work off-line in a disconnected model. Now, mobile users are able to download the data they need before they travel, can edit that data and then synchronize upon their return.

Data Availability

One of the key benefits of a data replication system is that data is made available locally, rather than through potentially expensive, less reliable, and slow connections to a single central database. Data is accessible locally even in the absence of any connection to a central server, so that you are not cut off from data in the event of a failure of a long-distance network connection.

Response time

Replication improves response times for data requests for two reasons. Retrieval rates are faster because requests are processed on a local server, without accessing a wide area network. Also, local processing offloads work from a central database server so that competition for processor time is decreased.

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