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Asta Suitcase Model

The Asta Suitcase model simply permitted the developer to write data held in a data-aware control to a local file, stream or BLOB. It also enabled rudimentary replication or synchronization in that it kept a record both of the current (local) values of a row and the original (as loaded from the consolidated database) values of a row. However, when it came time to update the consolidated database, no attempt at conflict resolution was made. The changes were either applied, or not, depending upon the code written by the developer.

The SkyWire™ SkySync synchronization server provides an interface between a consolidated database and the remote clients. The synchronization server communicates with a consolidated database server, which can be built using any modern data access technology such as ADO, ODBC and native methods, and communicates with clients over tcp/ip. Given sufficient resources, many remote applications can synchronize simultaneously, making SkyWire™ SkySync synchronization well suited to large-scale deployment.

The SkyWire™ SkySync synchronization server contains most of the synchronization logic. This server is connected to a consolidated database server that serves as the central repository for all the replicated data.

You store synchronization information, including synchronization scripts, in the consolidated database. These scripts guide the SkyWire™ SkySync synchronization server in handling connections with remote users and in matching data in the remote databases with that in the consolidated database.

To synchronize, a remote device must establish a connection with a SkyWire™ SkySync synchronization server, which in turn maintains a pool of connections to a database server and hence the consolidated database. The synchronization process happens in several steps.

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