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How The Upload Stream Is Processed


Filtering download rows

The most common technique for determining rows to download is to download rows that have been modified since the previous download. When synchronizing, the upload precedes the download. Any rows inserted or updated during the upload will be rows that have been modified since the previous download.

The SkyWire™ SkySync synchronization server automatically removes these rows from the download stream. When a row is being added to the download stream, the SkyWire™ SkySync synchronization server locates the row in the upload stream and omits the row from the download stream when it is found to be the same.

Processing deletes after inserts and updates

The upload stream is applied to the consolidated database in an order that avoids referential integrity violations. The upload stream is formatted so all operations (inserts, updates, and deletes) for a single table are grouped together. The tables in the upload stream are ordered based on foreign key relationships. All tables in the remote database that are referenced by another table in the remote database will be in the upload stream before the referencing table.

For example, if table A and table C both have foreign keys that reference a primary key column in B, then table B rows are uploaded first.

When the upload stream is applied to the consolidated database, the inserts and updates are applied in the order they appear in the upload stream. When an inserted or updated row references a newly inserted row, this ensures the referenced row will be inserted before the referencing row. Deletes are applied in the opposite order after all inserts and updates have been applied. When a row being deleted references another row that is also being deleted, this order of operations ensures the referencing row is deleted before the referenced row is deleted.

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