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PDA Safe
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Downloading PDA Safe

To use PDA Safe you need a PDA that is compatible with Palm Operating System 3.1 or above. Download the standard executable (.exe) files from our website and run the installation wizard.

Installation Troubleshooting

Files cannot be found after downloading is complete

When the Download File dialog appears, use the location picker to select the Desktop as the target for the file download. Then when you close the web browser, you should see the icon for the install wizard on your screen. Make sure that you have room on your system to download the install files. The install wizard is less than 500Kb in size.

An error message "I/O Error 103" occurs when the install file is synced to the device

The user is trying to sync a file to the Device that cannot use the conduit. The install wizard file is a Windows executable file, and cannot be synced to the Device. Double-click on the program icon and it should place the program files into the install queue.

The application doesn't appear at all on the device after the install wizard is run, or the application appears to work, but the database items are unavailable.

Make sure that you have attempted Hot Sync when the install wizard tells you to. Ensure that you have enough memory available on the Device to store PDA Safe.

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