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Palm Chart Wizard
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Questions & Answers

Can I create dynamic charts for the palm user?   

Yes, all charts are created on user request, therefore if your data source change so does your chart!

I want to embed the Charting tool in my current project, is it possible?   

Yes, the palm chart system also comes as a library for Palm OS. All graphics are presented within the library so all you have to do is call the Charting functions.

I'm not a palm developer but I still have needs to present Charts to my users, how can I do this?   

Palm Chart also comes as a stand-alone Palm OS application, therefore, let us manage the presentation while you develop the charts on the server side using ASTA's Palm Chart Wizard.

What are the system requirements?   

PDA Side: Palm OS with color capability. We are currently working on the WinCE version, expect it soon. Server Side: Windows 9x or better.

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