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LiveVideo via wireless - wherever you are

Video Anywhere includes Cell Phones and PDA's

SkyWire Video will shortly support video from camera-equipped cell phones, and video from PDAs using camera attachments such as FlyCam as part of the SkyWire Remote Channel Architecture .

Users of cell phones equipped with cameras can install a SkyWire Video Application that uses native API calls to capture video diretly from the camera on the device and then stream that video (H263 or MPEG4 encoded) to a remote SkyWire Video Server and be treated as remote channel. Of course this means that these remote and portable Video Inputs are just one more video stream, available for consumption by any authorized client or optionally recorded on the server for later playback.

PocketPC users using devices like a FlyCam or other attached cameras, can connect their SkyWire Video client to a SkyWire Video Server via LAN or Internet, and transmit video from the PDA to the Server. Other clients can view that video, or it can be recorded on the Server.

This is all made possible by the SkyWire cross platform Video Encoder and Decoders and the flexible architecture provided by SkyWire Video.

This gives SkyWire Video users the capability to use these off-the-shelf, low-cost devices as portable cameras/video sources. You can view video from places where no fixed security camera exists--from anywhere you cen send a person with one of these devices

Remote Channel Video can be Encyrpted and secured by device authentication to insure complete security.

Symbian Phones and Flycam's on PocketPC's are running in house now. You can view an animated demo : Pocket PC Camera demo

Contact if you are interested in pre-release trials.

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