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SkyWire™ Server API

Below are the standard events supported by ASTA SkyWire™ Servers with the ParamList filled with values that the server is expecting according to the conventions defined below. The tokens are defined in constants.bas.

These calls are initiated on the PDA clients by creating an AstaParamList and optionally adding values to it and then sent to the server using a pre-defined token.

AstaConnSendParamList(RefLib, Conversation, ParamList, PdaServerTime, BoolRes);

PdaServerTime (1001) This will retrieve the server time and can be used to see if the server is active like a ping
PdaSimpleSQLSelect (1003) One String Param is passed to the server and it is executed as Select SQL with one row being returned with each Field as a ParamName and the Value of each field contained AsString. To use Native Data use the full featured DataList token PdaMultiSelect.
PdaPalmTables (1004) Retrieves a list of tables from the server database. Servers could be coded to support more than one database in which case the String sent to the server could specify a particular database.
PdaPalmExecSQL (1005) On the server, a transaction is started and each ParamItem is passed to an ExecSQL call. If all the ExecSQL's are successful, the transaction is committed, otherwise Rollback is called.
PdaPalmFieldDefs (1006) The server expects one string param that contains the name of the table. A list of fields will be returned in an AstaParamList.
PdaNestedSQLSelect (1010) Executes Select SQL at the server and returns an AstaNestedParamList
PdaMultiSQLSelect (1011) Executes Select SQL at the server and returns an AstaDataList
PdaMultiExecSQLParamList (1012) This allows for multiple parameterized queries handled by the server in a transaction so that blob and memo fields can be supported. Requires an AstaNestedparamList build since a ParamList must be sent along with each SQL Statement. Not currently implemented.
PdaGetFileFromServer (1050) Gets a file from a remote server where the string param is the remote file name.
PdaSendFileToServer (1051) This sends a blob to a remote server and contains the FileName in Param Zero and the Stream to be saved in Param One as a Blob
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